Simtraveler US & International Sim Card 40

$40.00 USD

USD$30 credit
Calls and Texts: from USD$0.35/min
Your choice of 250MB, 500MB, 1GB or 2GB
Data from USD$0.06/MB
Coverage in over 190 countries

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International SIM Card

The International SIM card is a simple, cost-effective prepaid service option designed for travelers to save on international roaming with coverage in over 190 countries





Includes a +1 local US number and +44 global number
Prepaid Data from just USD$0.06 per MB using data plans
Purchase up to 2GB of data to save up to 300%
Calls from just USD$0.35 per min
Straightforward roaming rates by region
Family and Friends can call you at no charge to them
USD$10 starter credit included
No connection fee

Features & Support

Use in over 190 countries
Coverage in over 150 Cruise Ships
No activation required, simply insert in your device and connect to a network
Easy to use voicemail and set up call-forwarding
24/7 Customer Service
Recharge anytime via the app, web, phone or enable auto-recharge
It is prepaid, so no contracts, no credit checks and no monthly fees
Multi-fit SIM Card, works in any unlocked device
View call records and receipts online.
Easy to recharge via the JT Travel App, web or phone
Check your usage and account balance at anytime using the JT Travel App
Connect up to 10 devices when you bundle your SIM with a Wi-Fi Hotpsot.
Straightforward roaming rates by geographic region
No connection fees
Includes a +1 local US number and +44 global number
Family and Friends can call you at no charge to them

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Additional information

Weight .0125 lbs
Dimensions .25 x 3.370 x 2.125 in